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Due to the time consuming nature of my life at this point (aka the need to move house, complete a uni exam and visit my girlfriend interstate) I’m lacking the time to dedicate to my beloved blog. So here’s a quick one to keep you Tantalised in the meantime…

I wrote about these guys back in October, and had the good fortune (thanks to said lovely girlfriend and her very generous father) of seeing them play on the Gold Coast a few weeks back. Seriously fantastic gig, even if I didn’t know a great deal of their material. This was one that stuck with me, largely thanks to the very talented and nice person that is their guitarist Marty Willson-Piper with his ridiculously quick-handed guitar work. For the record, they sounded excellent despite the thirty years of age they’ve accumulated since their debut.

Enjoy, and hopefully we talk again soon.


Friday Flashback #24

Hey, remember this blog thing I used to do? Yeah, so do I now! Probably about time I write something again, don’t you think?

I’ll start with a Friday Flashback again, largely because I can’t think of what else to write, and also because I’ve got a list of about 10 more songs waiting to be analysed (and I warn readers – many are likely to be rather terrible). Luckily today’s choice does not fall into that category. From their 1982 album The Blurred Crusade, this is The Church with When You Were Mine.

I stumbled upon this track by sheer coincidence just the other night, taken from an old episode of Countdown, while just sifting through some YouTube videos and saw a link to this. I’m quite a fan of the Church material I do know, though I must confess to being woefully unfamiliar with much other than their biggest songs. So I thought I’d check it out, and quite enjoyed it. A typical Church-type number (that is the band, not the institution, I can’t quite imagine this being played in a chapel of a Sunday morning) with its fantastic yet simple guitar-driven melody, and the excellent vocals of Steve Kilbey running the show, this track has been on a semi-constant repeat over the past few days.

The Blurred Crusade is the Church’s second album, released in March 1982 as the follow-up to their highly successful debut effort Of Skins and Heart. When You Were Mine was the second single released from this album, following the high-charting and equally impressive Almost With You which reached #21 on the Australian charts in the same year. The Blurred Crusade itself was also quite well-received, given that its predecessor had produced gems such as The Unguarded Moment, peaking at #10 on the Australian album charts.

Sadly, The Church’s future fortunes were somewhat mixed. This started by their US record label refusing to market The Blurred Crusade and subsequently dropping the band from their label, thus largely confining The Church’s success to Australia and New Zealand. Furthermore, the success of their next three albums, namely Seance, Remote Luxury and to a lesser extent Heyday, was limited. The band struggled through this time, and even went on hiatus for a period.

However, they came back with a bang with the release of their 1988 album Starfish. Sporting the band’s most successful single to date in Under the Milky Way, as well as the brilliant Reptile (whose guitar riff I to this day still am in awe of) and many other gems, Starfish was a hit both in Australia and also overseas, finally seeing that The Church obtained at least some of the worldwide recognition their work deserved.

Today, The Church are still kicking along, touring and releasing albums. Both the band and Kilbey solo have released a number of project since Starfish, none of which I am in any way familiar enough with to comment on. However, the volume of material of theirs I know makes me love them as a band, and the even greater volume of their material I do not know makes me want to explore their back-catalogue even further.

Oh, and it’s nice to be back 🙂