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Another set of look-alikes?

All this talk of Republican presidential nominations of late has seen this man, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, gain a lot of exposure in the media. I couldn’t help but notice he looked kinda similar to a great historical character, whose heights of fame may almost be reached if he does become president next year.













Yep, I think Mitt Romney reminds me of The Fonz. Nowhere near as cool though. Tell me, am I deluded, or is there a similarity?


Listen to this song and tell me what you think it might be about

Pretty angry sounding? The German lyrics and heavy industrial sound, combined with the crowd cheers give an impression of something angry, perhaps a Nazi rally, taking place. When the lyrics “Bei zweihundert Grad für fünfzehn Minuten backen und KEINE EIER” are screamed out, you know that this is some mean piece.

Of course, I’m about to tell you that you’re completely wrong if you thought that. The song is from Alternative band Tool‘s second album “Aenima“, and is called “Die Eier Von Satan”. Literally translated, that means “The Eggs of Satan”, and the song lyrics actually give a recipe for baking cookies. That line that is screamed out actually translates to “Bake at 200 degrees for 15 minutes … AND NO EGGS”.

Whether Tool did this song as some deep-thinking example of how people make judgements and assumptions based upon the sound of something I’m not sure. But it does sound pretty cool, and means nothing like what you think it would.