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Another set of look-alikes?

All this talk of Republican presidential nominations of late has seen this man, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, gain a lot of exposure in the media. I couldn’t help but notice he looked kinda similar to a great historical character, whose heights of fame may almost be reached if he does become president next year.













Yep, I think Mitt Romney reminds me of The Fonz. Nowhere near as cool though. Tell me, am I deluded, or is there a similarity?


A couple of look-alikes

Doing some web surfing preparing this post on my top 10 Australian albums, I couldn’t help but think that the lead singer of The Whitlams Tim Freedman looked very similar to someone.

Then I figured it out. Take a look at the next picture and tell me if you think these two men look similar.

The latter picture is Christopher Skase, the late businessman who fled Australian for Majorca after his Qintex empire collapsed in the late 1980s.

So, are they in fact similar, or am I just seeing things?