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Friday Flashback #23

Another Friday Flashback for you now, and today’s choice could be described as bizarre. You might even ask, How Bizarre?

Yep, the song is “How Bizarre“, by New Zealand duo Otara Millionaires’ Club, more commonly known as OMC.

OMC were formed by vocalist Pauly Fuemana and producer Alan Jansson in 1993. The name Otara Millionaires’ Club was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Auckland suburb Fuemana grew up in – Otara is regarded as one of the poorest areas in Auckland, with parts of it providing the setting to films such as Once Were Warriors. They were signed to a local recording label and had put little together until the release of this song in late 1995. Upon release, its reception was huge, with How Bizarre racing to number one on the local charts, and selling over 35,000 copies in NZ alone, a record still to this day not broken. By early 1996 it had featured in charts worldwide, hitting number one in five countries, including Australia.

Sadly, at least outside of New Zealand, OMC were to remain a one-hit wonder only. The success of How Bizarre inspired the group to record a full-length studio album, the only one of the band’s career, however even it failed to replicate the success of the title single. A 2007 single titled “4 All Of Us”, which didn’t even chart, was their last release.

Sadly, Pauly Fuemana died in early 2010, aged just 40, at North Shore Hospital in Auckland. Ironically, this final resting place completed Fuemana’s rags-to-riches transformation, with the North Shore being one of the priciest, most exclusive areas in New Zealand.

How Bizarre is still one of those songs that everyone knows, yet few could tell you who performed it. It’s status as a one-hit wonder is well-renowned, with the song placing at #71 in a countdown of one-hit wonders performed in 2002 by American music television channel VH1. For me, it’s one of those annoyingly catchy songs that reminds me of being a kid, but now has almost completely faded into obscurity.


Friday Flashback #19

Just a quick one today. Remember this song?

It’s The Refreshments, a post-grunge band out of Arizona, with the very clever song “Banditos”, from their 1996 album “Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy“. These guys are probably the 90’s pin-up boys for the One Hit Wonder, up there with esteemed artists like Chumbawamba and The Rembrandts. They formed in 1992, released 3 albums, of which only one was really successful, primarily due to this song, before disbanding in 1998. And yeah, they pretty much haven’t been heard from since.

So yeah, cut a long story short today, but I do enjoy this song, maybe due to the truthful irony of some of its lyrics.

Friday Flashback #17

Time for another of my world famous Friday Flashbacks. Today we’re winding the clock back to 2002 with a song that I loved when it was released, even though I never knew who performed it. Ready for it? OK, Go.

From their self-titled debut album, the song is OK Go‘s “Get Over It“. Get Over It was their first single, released by the band back in 2002 as a promotional single before shooting them to some fame in 2003. A basic but decent rock song, Get Over It didn’t set the charts on fire, but it did first introduce the world to the band.

OK Go are probably now best known for their 2006 song “Here It Goes Again“, or more precisely the filmclip to that song which contained a brilliantly choreographed video of the band members dancing between running treadmills (see below). That video alone has attracted more than 50 million views worldwide, and won a number of awards including “Most Creative Video” from Youtube, and a Grammy for “Best Short Form Music Video” in 2007. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I’d suggest checking it out – the mere idea, let alone the flawless and unedited execution of the routine (albeit after 17 attempts) are just fantastic.

After three full album releases, the band have formed their own independent recording label and are reportedly working on new material for another album. Let’s hope that it’s both musically decent, and contains a few more interesting music videos to entertain us.