Well, as promised, I grew a moustache for Movember with the aim of raising some money for the people at BeyondBlue who do a terrific job helping people through depression. And while that was over a month ago now, I did in fact grow my moustache (much to the disgust of those around me) and in the process raised over $100.

I also made one other promise, which I have been dutifully reminded of, and that was that I would provide photographic evidence of the mo. As much as I may believe that to be a very misguided request, I will stand by the promise to fulfil it.

So here goes. May I insert a warning that the following post contains images which some people may find distressing.

These lines are here for the benefit of those who don’t want to see this image. That way it won’t startle them when they open it.

No, seriously, I’d just close the page right now. It’s pretty bad.

OK, well you asked for it:

That image was me at Movember the 26th, about indicative of the horrible growth that plagued my face for that month. The mo was gone just a few days later.

For those who haven’t barfed or defenestrated their computer monitors yet, here’s a picture of me looking slightly less disgusting (yes, only slightly) after the removal of the mo (and a haircut) in December.

I was a happy man that day!

So there, I did it. And probably will never do it again. I hope you survived that traumatic experience.